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Jon Walker

FMCA National President

 Dear Governing Board, Delegates and Officers:

 I cannot  believe that We’re already into July.  In just a short few weeks we will be gathering at Minot, North Dakota, to conduct the business of FMCA, and to elect our four National Officers.

 I have worked very hard the last two years as your National President to achieve my initial goals of 1) Stop the membership loss, 2) Stop borrowing from investments to subsidize the operation account, and 3) to return FMCA to solid financial ground.  I, with your help, have achieved the first two items.  I am running for re-election as your President to continue working, 24/7, to achieve financial stability.


Not everyone is happy with having to carefully watch every expenditure.  Not everyone is happy to have to go back to the same places for national conventions.  The fact of the matter is that we are at a point in our history that these things have to be done in order for us to grow and continue our positive progress.

 Our bylaws now state that if something should happen to me as your President that would keep me from fulfilling my term, the Sr Vice President will automatically become President.  With this in mind, I have constantly been asked WHO I want my Sr Vice President to be.  In pondering our rule of succession, I have come to realize that it truly IS important that you know WHO I want to serve as my Sr Vice President.

 I can whole heartily endorse BOTH Jack Mayberry AND Percy Bell for Sr Vice President of FMCA.  I have known both of these fine gentlemen for years.  I feel that I can work very well with either Percy or Jack.

 Please talk to these candidates, ask them questions about working with me, and study their qualifications carefully.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me 24/7 at 574-536-4554.  I would love to talk to you about FMCA and any of our candidates.



 Jon Walker

National President

Family Motor Coach Association



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