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Jon Walker

Newly Elected President, July 15, 2017


My running mate, Rett Porter, candidate for National Senior Vice President, and I have each created websites so that you could get to know us more fully, and that we could use to express our deep and sincere thoughts about how we wish to continue to work toward making FMCA the greatest RV community in the world.

Thank you for stopping by – please take a few moments to check out our ideas and accomplishments – and check out the photos….

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Walker – Porter Administration

Vote for Jon Walker for President
Vote for Rett Porter for Senior Vice President
So we can serve you !

Our Goals:

  1. Keep our operating budget in the black
  2. Continue to work to increase our membership and to retain our current members
  3. Increase our digital presence and increase our educational opportunities

Jon Walker (Sondra)

Rett Porter (Claire)